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Welcome to C.E. Niehoff & Co.

C.E. Niehoff & Co. is a privately held U.S. company and leader in the design and manufacture of heavy duty brushless alternators. Our alternators are designed with the most demanding applications in mind to minimize downtime and maximize your operating efficiencies. Models are customized for niche markets with wide ranging output capabilities and a variety of market specific features.

CEN alternators are designed to withstand chaff, dust and corrosive agents found in agriculture, construction, marine and mining environments. The brushless design eliminates internal arcing making it ideal for operation in these volatile environments. The high efficiency of CEN's unique design requires less engine horsepower and fuel to produce the high output required in the emergency vehicle, rail, bus, and military markets.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you with the same philosophy and commitment to quality which has become the foundation of our business.

C.E. Niehoff & Co. is committed to quality, integrity, and excellence. We strive to exceed our customer expectations, improve the processes that deliver our products and services, and provide our employees with the resources to achieve these objectives.

C.E. Niehoff & Co. is ISO 9001:2015 certified.




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