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CEN is vertically integrated with lean and flexible processes allowing us to quickly respond to market needs. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include computer numerical control (CNC) machines, custom winding equipment and specialized coating techniques like total encapsulation, trickle impregnation, chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) and vacuum potting. Our forward thinking production management group has instilled a strong sense of teamwork in all production personnel. Employees are cross trained in various areas, and encouraged to offer suggestions for continuous product and process improvements.

The Manufacturing and Quality Assurance departments use statistical process control (SPC) in every operation and process that significantly affect product quality. SPC methods and techniques emphasizing defect prevention rather than defect recognition are expected of our suppliers as well. We use precise coordinate measuring equipment to ensure our components will meet tight engineering tolerances.

Our Engineering department designs, develops and tests our products to unparalleled standards. We have developed computer software to simulate alternator performance and to optimize output to meet specific requirements. A sophisticated 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) system is used to advance CEN design quality and to produce documentation. It is compatible with CAD systems used by most of our customers so that it can be used to produce installation drawings and to compare package configurations for fit before hardware is actually built. State-of the-art development tools and methods are used to create micro controller based voltage regulators. Advanced control techniques implemented in these regulators include alternator output soft-start, speed based output limiting in single and dual voltage modes, automatic OVCO reset and dynamic system diagnostics including information storage and in-vehicle data bus communications. Extensive testing is performed to both commercial and military standards. Specific techniques are employed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).




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