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A unique, different design
CEN alternator designs are unique in the industry. Unlike the conventional Lundell/claw pole configuration employed by most alternator manufacturers, our alternators use a non-reversing magnetic field and laminated rotors. Both of these factors result in lower magnetic losses, higher efficiency, and less waste heat. The low number of stator poles inside the alternator allows for generous air flow through the machine. These factors combine to make our alternators extremely energy efficient and reliable.

Brushless is better
CEN alternator designs favor a stationary field coil which eliminates the need for brushes and slip rings, that wear and need periodic replacement, to convey power to a rotating field. In addition, the normal arcing associated with brush operation is eliminated; greatly reducing the amount of generated Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). As such, the bearings are the only components of our design to experience mechanical wear.

High efficiency is fuel saving
The reduced mechanical drive power used by our higher efficiency alternators yields engine fuel savings, less stress on alternator drive components, and more engine power available for other purposes. Lower efficiency alternators generate excess waste heat while tasking the engine to work harder to drive the less efficient alternator. Less efficient alternators run hotter, increasing the operating temperature of the bearings, windings, and diodes; therefore lowering the effective life of the alternator. Typical claw pole alternator efficiency is 50%. Typical CEN alternator efficiency is 70%. For high electric power alternators the high efficiency means significant fuel savings may be realized over less efficient alternators.




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