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C850 - 28 Volt 550 Amp Alternator

Product Features
  • Produces 350A at engine idle.
  • Compatible with all industry hybrid drives and E-FAN systems.
  • Dual fan improves air flow through the unit. No need for an oil circulation system. No possibility of oil contamination or leaks, no hoses and no waste heat transferred to the engine.
  • Unique brushless construction eliminates rotating windings, brushes, and slip rings. This increases durability, extends service life, eliminates arcing and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Overvoltage cut-out circuit (OVCO) is a safety feature that detects high voltage in excess of normal voltage transients and prevents sustained overvoltage conditions.
  • Modular rectifier assembly is equipped for easy servicing and reduces repair costs.
  • Heavy duty, long life bearings have high temperature grease and are heat stabilized for extended service live in hot engine compartments.
  • High efficiency means lower internal operating temperature, resulting in longer life. Less engine power needed to produce electric power means more engine power available for other needs.
Product Code: C850
Voltage: 28
Output (Amps): 550
Mounting Configuration: Cradle
Regulator Options: A2-385 / A2-387
Regulator Configuration: External
Notes: CEN Regulators are only compatible with CEN alternators.



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